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Nurse speaks about Covid vaccine effects

Posted by beast-usa (Admin)
She states she told the Moderna Covid vaccine and these are the effects it had on her.
Posted Nov 6
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  • I saw this a while back and it is VERY sad! People need to wake up! This whole thing is not about health & safety! My friend Doug knows two frontline nurses. Both of them are stating that the Delta variant IS the vaccinated! The vast majority of...  more
    • beast-usa (Admin) reacted on this.
    • Designer Anne (Admin)
      beast-usa (Admin) I almost didn't post it just because it was so sad. Her life is ruined over what? GREED? CONTROLLING THE MASSES? It's so stupid they will never get me!
      • Nov 7
    • Designer Anne (Admin)
      spinny VIP in england the vaxxed die twice as much as the unvaxxed -children die from heartattacks as never befor -here we had 5 funerals in 4 weeks -all vaxxinated -others are pale as blankets -need a walking stick now .......... STRANGE ALL
      • Nov 10
    • Designer Anne (Admin)
      spinny VIP hello ANNE ! a big hug !! i often thpought of you and hoped you are well and fine !!!!!!!!!!
      • Nov 10