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Real Stats on Mobile Users on Websites

  • Another to the point FACTS only no foo foo, no kiss up to big companies, no worrying about hurting your feelings.
    Just the plain and simple TRUTH! Based on what I see on website stats.

    Game, software, hardware developers PLEASE take a close look at this tiny piece of the internet. Think it's about
    time to get behind LINUX? You waste millions on mobile, millions on Windows 10 and three times the users are on LINUX!

    I hate hearing bogus stats!
    I hear all the time "Everyone is on mobile" you need to make your website/s mobile friendly!
    My question to that is always WHY? How much time and money should you spend on 1 to 3% of your visitors?
    My answer NONE!

    Why add annoying mobile menu's, change settings pages, add double space, make huge text, little tiny pop-up boxes
    everything with huge space around it and the list goes on and on!
    Just so your website is mobile friendly when it's by far the lowest amount of users. Only one of the websites in this
    review is NOT mobile friendly! I check the stats about every other month and the only trends I have seen are drops in
    Windows 10 users and a rise in Linux & Apple users.

    So based on real stats not googles OS and their phones! Google says 80+% of the users are on phones! Based on THEIR USERS
    what does google sell besides your personal data? PHONES and oh yeah Chrome OS and which one do you think they have sold more of? LOL
    Of course based on the 3 computers running Google-Chrome OS and the billion plus phones running Google-Android more of THEIR USERS are on mobile!

    But in the real world where I like to live! Building everything to cater to mobile is just plain crazy and a huge waste of money!
    If Google or Apple want my site/s to be mobile friendly? They can pay me to waste my time making them mobile friendly for the 10
    people a month that visit on a phone! :)

    I'm not saying people don't use their TINY screen to visit the internet. On some sites I believe they have millions of mobile users.
    twitter, facecrap, snaphack, instahack... And maybe your website is all about phones, made for phones.
    Again in the real world where I live there are BILLIONS of websites not 5 or 6!

    Website stats for five sites I mixed them up to get a fair number.
    I checked about 40 websites that I have access to, but doing screen shots, adding them all up...
    Is just to time consuming and I don't have that much free time! But they all looked pretty much the same very little or no mobile users!
    These five websites cover tech, tech support (the Windows 10 users looking for a fix!), animals, writing and health services.
    None of these stats are Happy As Is, Happy As Is stats are about 250,000 visitors per day. About 1 to 3.3% are mobile users and Happy
    is mobile friendly! LOL

    Desktop Users:..........25036
    Mobile Users:................432

    Windows 7 Users:......16523
    Linux Users:...............3041
    Apple Users:...............2258
    Windows Other Users:..2107
    Windows 10 Users:......1107

    Google Android Users:...229
    Apple iPhone Users:......203