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New 3000 Series Nvidia Video Cards

  • Like all my blogs short and to the point I hate foo foo and hype!
    Are the 3000 series faster then the 2000 series? Well LOL I hope so! Were the 2000 series faster then the 1000 series, 1000 faster then the 900?
    Of course they are faster would anyone buy a new card if they were slower and less bells and whistles?

    First these are just comparisons on base model cards and the information just released by Nvidia. Once the 3000 series hit the streets everything will most likely change.
    When EVGA, MSI, Asus... release their versions the prices will change, the speeds will change, the cooling will change.

    As a reference on changes made my card right now is a EVGA RTX 2080 TI XC Ultra Overclocked. It uses 3 slots not 2, boost clock
    says 1650 not 1540 and hits 2032 all the time. So please remember these are base models, spec's and pricing. 

    Q: What is DLSS?
    A: Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is an NVIDIA RTX technology that uses the power of AI to boost your
    frame rates in games with graphically-intensive workloads. With DLSS, gamers can use higher resolutions and
    settings while still maintaining solid framerates.

    So as you can see the names have changed:
    RTX 3090 = RTX Titan.
    RTX 3080 = RTX 2080 TI. (Just 1 gig less memory and less memory bus)
    RTX 3070 = RTX 2080.

    You can see a jump in cuda cores, a drop in memory bus, a huge drop in Tensor Cores, about the same in RT cores with the RTX 3090 being a little higher then the RTX Titan. Then again remember 20 series Tensor Cores are 2nd gen, the 30 series are 3rd gen maybe they are much faster. Just like your CPU every gen is much faster then the last one.

    I already don't like the cooling. My 2080 TI blows out the side or front of the card and heats up the whole dam case.
    the front fan pulls down and blows out the back, the rear fan pulls up and blows right into your CPU heat sink. Of course most modern systems are using water cooling so it will only over heat your motherboard. LOL If you're on air cooling I can see this being a problem with CPU heat. 

    So if you have a 20 series card should you upgrade? That depends on you what you do with the card? Are the 30 series faster of course they are, are they worth dumping your 20 series? Maybe but I would wait for real numbers on the cards made by EVGA, Asus, MSI before I logged into paypal! LOL