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BS Motorcycle Helmet Laws only 19 US states.

  • I love when the state just makes up crap to justify stupid laws they make just to make CASH!
    "The passage of a mandatory helmet law in California in 1992 was followed a year later by a 37 percent decrease in the number of motorcycle-related deaths in the state. The risk of suffering a head injury in a motorcycle accident decreases by 69 percent when helmet use is mandatory for all riders and passengers."

    In 1992 it was all about all the money tax payers would save not paying medical bills on motorcycle with NO INSURANCE. And that always made me laugh! The only motorcycles riders with insurance were Harley riders, the only riders that did NOT want to wear helmets were Harley riders? So where was the medical cost coming from? Yeah the speed or import bikes and guess what ALL OF THEM WORE? They all wore helmets but none or at least none of the riders I knew had a dime of insurance! So saving money on NO HELMET injuries on people with NO INSURANCE was a huge chunk of government BULLSHIT. The people with no helmet "Harley Davidson" riders all had INSURANCE.

    How do they know how many lives were saved? Prior to the 1992 helmet law there was NO RECORD of how many died with or without a helmet. Motorcycle accidents did NOT say died no helmet, lived with helmet. The only thing they said was FATALITY or NON-FATALITY and neither of those listed NO HELMET or HELMET. So giving a number of MORE people lived because of the STUPID helmet is complete BULLSHIT! They have no idea if more died or lived, they have no records to show it either way, as always they just duped the GP. The real reason for the helmet law in 1992? That POS Pete Wilson invested $5,000,000+ into Bell Helmet, then signed the law that force 20,000,000+ riders into buying a helmet! As always like every DEMORAT to line his pockets with cash.

    Does or will a helmet really save your life? How much do you weigh?
    Take your weight, size of the helmet X the speed you're traveling:

    200 lb helmet size 8 inches long by 6 inches wide 4.1 pounds per square inch if you fall down.
    At 200 lb's if you fall down you have 62 lb's per square inch "Impact Velocity" if you FALL DOWN
    So at 10 MPH it's 620 pound per square inch, lets get crazy and say you ride at 40 MPH 2400 pounds per square inch. "Impact Velocity"
    How strong is your Helmet?
    How strong is your neck?
    At 200 lb's around 15 to 25 MPH your helmet is dust, around 7 MPH your neck is broken (Direct Impact). So tell me again how the helmet law saved SO MANY LIVES? LOL

    What really saves lives on Motorcycles is knowing how to ride, paying attention to the road, knowing you're 99% INVISIBLE to other drivers, not doing really stupid things and most 
    important KNOWING HOW TO CRASH. If you crash and hit the ground head first well I'm sorry you're a MORON! Don't fight the bike if it's going let it go. TUCK & ROLL my friends you will have some road rash depending on your gear. But you will never hurt your head, you will NEVER need a helmet that can't protect you anyways. And unless you are going 120+ MPH you should always get up and walk away.

    Putting a stupid helmet doesn't save your life, knowing how to crash, how to hit things in the road, how to get away from cars, trucks, buses that are about to run over you will. :) 

    Crap helmet laws in communist California:
    $10 fix it ticket still does not go on your record (Equipment Violation proof of fixing it).
    But on the freeways (of course updated to make a little more money) the CHP can give you a moving violation with a fine up to $250 + court assessment fee of $250.
    (Whatever the fine is, in money grubbing California just double the fine. $500 fine means you pay $1,000 after court assessment fee.)

    Crap states that money grub with UNIVERSAL communist helmet laws:
    New Jersey
    New York
    North Carolina
    Washington D.C.
    West Virginia

    States with some choice riders under 21 years of age must wear one:
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    Utah (Unless it's changed you can take a Motorcycle safety course something that WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE and not wear a helmet under 21)
    I took the safety course when I was 17 and that saved my life several times. In FOUR accidents three on the freeway I got up walked away without a scratch and NEVER HAD A HELMET ON!!!

    States with some choice riders under 18 years of age must wear one:
    New Mexico
    North Dakota
    South Dakota

    States that still have complete freedom and realize it should ALWAYS be the riders choice:
    New Hampshire

    Rant over :)

    I'm not saying don't wear a helmet wear one if you like. But don't force me to wear one because you think it's good, don't force me to wear one because you want to line your pockets on your recent helmet company investment. If NOT wearing helmet harms no one it should be MY CHOICE. This country everything is about choice you can even choose to be girl when you are born a boy, be a boy when you are born a girl, choose not to decide, choose to kill unborn children. But people want to FORCE ME INTO WEARING A HELMET when it harms no one not wearing one? Yeah something seems completely out of balance on the free to choose thing? So is it more like you are free to choose the things we choose for you? LOL