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REVIEW: Riverwalk Medical & Wellness

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    I gave my daughter laser hair removal for x-mas last year (2014) and let her pick the office to have the procedure done. (She did NOT pick Riverwalk Medical and Wellness because we didn't think they did laser hair removal. But now we know they do.) When we arrived, we got excited with the whole thing and I ended up buying a block of IPL procedures for myself. Big Mistake. My kid is only somewhat happy with the hair removal, and I was so UNHAPPY with the IPL. It appeared to do nothing. What is the point of having a procedure, spending a TON of money, and seeing NO IMPROVEMENT after SIX sessions? (I took before and after pics for my own verification after half a year of 'work'. Although, even with their own pictures, no changes were noted. You would think they'd set that up to show poor, sad "before" pictures and pretty, smiling "after" pictures but such was not the case. lol) I politely asked about this lack of improvement, after the first and second session, and was told (I think ... see below) that different people have different reactions to the procedures and that they would use a different, stronger laser on me, instead. Really? Stronger? My friend had an IPL procedure at Riverwalk Medical and Wellness for an 1/8 the cost and after ONE session, 90% of her freckles came to the surface and sloughed off. This is exactly what I had wanted, specified, and pointed out was not happening, (removal of sun spots and freckles) at the other laser center. And after my SIX procedures, they tried to upsale me for another block of even more expensive procedures to sculp and heat and cut and inject ... I don't even know, but are you kidding me? After not seeing any improvement, I'm suppose to buy more? No way. I am not normally an online whiner/complainer, and I would have just sucked it up as me, not getting my original money's worth, but they actually brought in a third person for the upsaleing. Ugh ... just ugh.

    So, after a discussion with my friend, I went to Riverwalk Medical and Wellness and told them I wanted the EXACT SAME THING AS MY FRIEND. I wanted my sun spots and freckles gone.


    I mean, wow. Talk about an awesome place and the people that work there. And Dr. Ardilla was so apologetic about the procedure 'hurting' me, (It is kinda painful but no more so than the procedures from the other place.) And then, after the procedure, he put hydrocortisone on to relieve the pain and had cool air blowing on my face and asking me how I felt. Afterwards, when I was talking with the girl behind the counter, he came out into the waiting room, scanned my face and told one of the nurses to put some more ointment on it ... (I tend to get very red looking even after just putting on lotion. I blush like a rosy red balloon when embarrassed! LOL) so, I was not even aware of my color change but the doctor must've looked at me and thought me super stoic about pain or something. ;)

    A few hours after the procedure, my freckles grew darker and darker. A week later, they grew to the surface like a crop of black speckled burn marks. (It looks like the mark you get from a curling iron burn on your hand or neck, only, like, more! My kid was fascinated. LOL) And I am absolutely thrilled by the lovely white skin underneath. My complexion looks brighter, lighter and more smoothly even-toned. :P

    I absolutely will go back to clean up the random sun spots that didn't get 'hit' the first time and for my neck and arm freckles. And the cool thing about this office? I can understand everyone there. I am a shay whitey, English speaking female that is somewhat tone deaf. Anyone with an accent, or that slurs their words, or speaks too fast, I cannot understand. I have a Russian friend and we have the most comical conversations from mispronunciations! The first office I went to for IPL treatments, English was obviously not their first language and it was so very difficult to understand them. They could've been microwaving my face or putting yak milk and urine paste on it for all I could understand them. But at the Riverwalk Medical and Wellness offices, Dr. Ardilla explained the IPL process the whole time he worked aaand I could understand every word! Now, if I'd had an awesome response to the treatment at the other laser office, it wouldn't matter that I couldn't understand them perfectly. But, since I kept saying, "It's not working. I'm not seeing any change," and what I heard was, "Blah blaaaaah blah blaaaah blah blaaaah," it was a serious problem! If I couldn't understand them, how well were they able to understand me and my concerns? It wasn't even an issue with Dr. Ardilla or any of his staff.

    It was just a lovely process going to the Riverwalk Medical and Wellness offices and I can't wait to go back! Seriously ... I want to go back right now! LOL and it's only been a week and they won't let me back for a month! Who says that? That they want to go back to the doctors? Me! Me! Me! LOL

    And all that with no disturbing upsaleing!