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  • This should fix Adobe out of memory error:Open Adobe Acrobat Pro1. Open "Edit" on the menu.2. Go to Preferences3. On the left select "Documents" uncheck/unselect "Save As...  more
    Last post by beast-usa (Admin) - Jun 8
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  • Many people have problems downloading Adobe Reader or just getting to the right spot to download Adobe Reader. Like I've said before, many times, ALWAYS INSTALL EVERYTHING FROM...  more
    Last post by beast-usa (Admin) - July 8, 2018
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  • Adobe Flash ENDED December 2020 and should be UN-INSTALLEDAdobe Shockwave Player September 01 2018Adobe Shockwave Player March 28 2019 (SLIM)Well the good news is...  more
    Last post by beast-usa (Admin) - July 8, 2018
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