• Alexandria Greetings from sunny Jamaica! May your weekend be filled with peace and joy! Blessings for all.....
    Aug 24

  • Laurie A. Toland VIP Hi Gary, I'm having a problem with pages trying to load and am getting error messages and the page won't load. Can you check this out for me when you work on my computer tonight. Thanks
    Sep 9

  • Virginia Barnett VIP Hi Gary, Got this today and wondered if it was something you use or something I need or just another scam trying to get my money??? Or are they trying to get into my new computer? Dear Virginia Barnett, We've noticed that you are, or previously were, using an older version of Advanced Computer System Tune Care. This is a reminder to please update Advanced Computer System Repair as your version will be permanently retired. After September 27th you will be unable to sign-in. Recently updated? Great, you can ignore this email. Thank you, Advanced Computer System Tune Are you not interested in this product any more? Please, unsubscribe. PS: loving my new computer. Thank you for the referral.
    Sep 24

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