• ezraeallan We try to look after 40 children in the child to child orphanage we seek for your support brothers and sisters.
    Apr 22

  • Marilyn Holt VIP Gary, I signed up for an exercise program and I cant get it on my lap top because the tech from the company said a firewall may be blocking it.......what firewall do I have? They want me to use google chrome,I dont have that either , it did not work on firefox either..... Thanks. Marilyn
    May 11

  • Charlie Holt VIP Hi Gary, I have no sound either by ear phones or lap top speakers. Seems to be a recurring problem with our acers. Where do you find the answers?? Thanks
    Apr 13

  • Robert Brumley Ever since I built my first computer in 2002 till this day I've always hear people say "oh now that you built this or that computer you are going to have a higher electric bill". How is that when you plug it into a 110 outlet and you power supply coverts it from 110 to 12 v. All computers run on 12V. Am I missing something hear or are they?I've been able to in the past overclock the hect out of my computers and even then would not raise my electric bill. Just the temps, and looked for different ways to get the processor and video cards to lower the temps. Can someone clarify this. Maybe they think because you plug it into a 110 outlet that they run on 110? If that were true why would be the use of our 12v power supply? Simple question.
    November 22, 2019