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Donald vers witches

Posted by spinny VIP
lolololol i ve seen allready much nonsense published in the internet lololololol but this is the top lololol i thought middle age is over in the civilised world! i wonder when we see the first AUTODAFEE again
Posted February 28, 2017
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  • spinny VIP
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    • spinny VIP
      beast-usa (Admin) LOL
    • spinny VIP
      spinny VIP i realy r ealy tried to watch his speach at congress today -but i must say i would have said such in a quater of time lolololif i wished so - and iam tired of by any politican promisesing people jobs -- NO ONE of them promise us LIFE--a job is not a ...  more
    • spinny VIP
      beast-usa (Admin) More jobs is good people need to be able to live. But more GOVERNMENT JOBS IS NOT NEEDED!!! He is doing just like the other democrat creating 1,000's of new GOVERNMENT JOBS!!! So taxes will need to go UP to pay them and the US economy will still be in...  more
    • spinny VIP
      spinny VIP right -noone of them adresses the real problems people face -the best job is nothing when it devaste my family -by stress and taxation -and unhealthy living conditions without any perspectiv to change that - yesterday i came across an articel europeans...  more
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