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About and how to use a Oukitel Android phone WITHOUT GOOGLE.

  • About and how to use a Oukitel Android phone WITHOUT GOOGLE.

    First a couple things that may help others.
    GSMA = AT&T
    GSMT = Tmobile
    The phone will do either NANO SIM CARD.
    I switched from Version (CDMA) that I had for over 20 years to RedPocket and had no idea what those numbers were.
    Oukitel Data
    2G (GSM):2/3/5/8
    3G (WCDM):1/2/4/5/8
    4G (FDD):2/4/5/7/12/17/28a/28b

    Some pictures of the phone:
    Remember once you DE-GOOGLE the phone all the google garbage on the screen is gone!

    I haven't tried the hammer yet but I have sent it swimming a couple times!

    I have been on the phone all morning and my battery right now is at 98%. :)

    Only a couple mud puddles and the sink so far for me.

    I have only taken a few pictures of the Congo in the backyard. lol 

    Very bright and leaving it on for an hour didn't even budge my battery.

    I went with a Nano GSMA SIM from Red Pocket.

    I haven't tried the face recognition I did use the finger print reader. But disabled
    that and went with a pattern lock.

    The phone will run perfect on Red Pocket, but you will need to manually add another or NEW APN to get the data services to work.
    (Instructions at the bottom)

    Yes you can DE-GOOGLE this phone and use it 100% GOOGLE FREE without "Rooting" it (Rooting is wiping the phone and installing another Operating System)!
    When you start the phone the first time go through all the setups, updates, enable... BUT SKIP OR DO NOT SIGN INTO ANYTHING GOOGLE EVER.
    Then open the google chrome browser (it's the only time you will need to use it) go to (OPEN SOURCE SAFE APPS)
    download and install "F-Droid". Google will be warning you it's not safe, nothing on your phone will work without google...
    Which is just NOT TRUE the phone works perfectly without google.
    You will need to give permissions to install "F-Droid"

    Not to say the phone won't work INFECTED with google. But if you're ready to live life free of Google spyware, data mining and selling
    your PERSONAL PRIVATE data to the highest bidder, sick of all the google pop-ups, ads, tracking... DE-GOOGLE YOUR PHONE!

    Once you have F-Droid installed search for these things: (When searching apps look at the last time it was updated)
    (As you add good open source apps - disable the default google app)
    1. Launcher (replaces the google start screen "Quickstep") I'm using "Bliss" & "Posidon"
    2. Keyboard (replace gboard no more google G) I'm using "Simple Keyboard"
    3. Calendar - I'm using "Simple Calendar"
    4. Clock - I'm using "Simple Clock" (if it gets stuck on 24 hour, disable 24 hour and restart the phone)
    5 Contacts - I'm using "Simple Contacts"
    (I exported all my contacts to .vcf then imported them into Simple Contacts)
    6. Dialer "Phone" - I'm using "Simple Dialer" (all the functions of "Phone" without google"
    (yes the "simple apps are great)
    7. I installed "Disabler" (it can disable google things that will not let you disable them)
    8. I installed Duckduckgo Search (There are two a search to replace google search and a Duckduckgo browser)
    9. I installed Fennec F-Droid & Duckduckgo internet browsers to replace google chrome.
    10. Files - I'm using "Simple File Manager"
    11. Sync, back-up, Access phone via computer or computer via phone - I'm using "FTP Server (FREE)"
    12. Photo's - I'm using "Simple Gallery"
    13. Text Messaging - I'm using "QKSMS"
    14. QR Scan - I'm using "QRCode & Barcode scanner"
    15. Weather - I'm using "Weather (Privacy Friendly)"
    I haven't added a map program yet. "Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+" looks OK in "F-Droid". Or I would just use Bing Maps.
    F-Droid also has plenty of email clients so you can DISABLE the built-in spyware "Gmail" app. The "FairEmail" app looks pretty good for a
    email client app.

    I don't do email on my phone I just can't see reading my email on a 5 inch screen when I sit in front of three 40 inch computer screens all day.
    If I did have an emergency email to read I would just use the browser and read my webmail. (OK that's a lie email is just not that important to me). :) 
    My phone is just a PHONE, a work tool the least favorite of any of my tech.

    Then go to "Settings" and make sure all things google are disabled, permission denied, wireless - network background access denied. There are a ton of google
    things to shut off. But the phone works perfectly without them. And guess what the MONSTER BATTERY lasts longer once you turn off all the
    background apps running from google! Win Win NO GOOGLE and longer battery life!

    This is a great phone and it's very strong I haven't done everything in their ad video. (YET) :)
    But I have done these things to it already:
    It's fallen out of my front pocket 5 or 6 times landing in muddy water twice, face down on concrete few times, into mud at least once
    (cleaned it in the sink). So I'm loving that part of the phone!

    The phone is very fast all the apps open very very quickly. It plays every video I have tried so far online or offline.
    (You can also install VLC Video and Music player, VLC remote server access via "F-Droid")

    Phone Spec's:
    Width: 2 7/16's inches wide or about 73.66 mm.
    I like the width of the phone some are so wide they won't fit in my front pocket!
    Thickness: 5/8 of an inch or about 17.7 mm.
    Weight: it's heavy lol almost 1 lb 0.8 lb's or about 0.43 kg's (The monster battery I'm guessing)
    Flashlight: Super bright four LED lights doesn't seem to drain the battery at all. I have left it on for over an hour.
    Screen: The resolution is 720X1440 not the highest but it still has a really nice screen with great graphic's to me.
    Camera/s: I don't do selfies :) but the rear camera is great default photo size 4160 x 3120 13.0 MP.
    For me it takes great PICTURES if you want real PHOTOS use a CAMERA. :) You can resize, rename, edit in "Simple Gallery"
    Video: sorry I haven't used that and probably never will. I have friends & family that do FILM much better then VIDEO.
    Sound: It's OK but at times a little low I don't have the best hearing in the world so I always have it on 100%. I'm using a Bluetooth ear bud at home.
    (I disable Bluetooth when I'm out and about). I haven't tried listening to music as my phone is mainly just a work tool.
    Onboard Storage: 32 gigs with all the downloads (new apps) which you can delete I still have 24 gigs free and the 2nd sim slot to add more if it's ever needed.

    I don't think I missed anything over all this is a great phone and for $149.00 which I paid it can't be beat. I would recommend this phone to anyone.
    I don't see anyone being unhappy with it unless maybe you're a fanboy of another product.
    Link to the Phone:
    OUKITEL WP5, Rugged Cell Phone Unlocked, 8000mAh Battery, Android 10.0

    If you decide to go to Red Pocket (recommended to me by DesignerAnne "Thank You")
    I got the unlimited family plan monthly with two phones ($50 for two) $30 per month for the first phone $20 per month for each additional phone up to five phones.
    Unlimited Talk, Text and Data. They don't sell a yearly family plan.
    And you're going to be using this phone to access the internet off the data plan you will need to add another APN. The one the SIM card adds will work
    for everything but internet access off your data plan.

    For Oukitel Android phone:
    1. Tap/Open Settings,
    2. Tap/Open Network & Internet
    3. Tap/Open Mobile network
    4. Tap/Open Advanced (Preferred network tyep, calling...)
    5. Scroll down Tap/Open Access Point Names
    6. Top right you will see three dots, Tap/Open, then Tap/Open "New APN".
    7. Fill out the new APN just like this EXACTLY. Then select it as default and you internet will work over the Red Pocket network.
    Name: it Redpocket
    APN: Reseller
    Proxy: Not set
    Port: Not set
    Username: Not set
    Password: Not set
    Server: Not set
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    Authentication Type: None
    APN type: default,mms,supl
    APN protocol IPv4
    Bearer: Unspecified

    As always any questions just ask!