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Tennessee Living :)

  • Well just getting started a few trees taken down! LOL Right now mostly just getting equipment.

    But here are a few things NOT TO DO.

    1. DO NOT OVER LOAD your trailer.
    We got a 25 toy hauler 16,500 Lbs and I put 15,000 lb's of tools in it. So it had problems, blew one of the 6 ply tires, replaced them with all 10 ply. But I also wrecked a wheel bearing. :(

    2. Make sure you have a place to put the trailer and if you think two months make arrangements for six months!
    I'm at the Blue Water Marina - Resort - Campground and I only asked for two months so I will need to move the camper before I'm ready to get it on the property.
    (And when buying a trailer MAKE SURE IT IS NEWER THEN TEN YEARS) First thing I heard from the manager here was "You have a really OLD trailer we normally don't allow trailers THAT OLD. It's a 2006 so 16 years old is TO OLD? I'm sure that's why they won't let me stay here past 60 days. :( It's a really nice place on the river with really nice people staying here.

    3. If it's going to get COLD have a HEATED water hose, MAKE SURE YOUR HEATER WORKS!!! 
    Got here turned the heater on AND NO GO NO HEATER! Then the grey water (sink & shower water) holding tank drain froze over. Had to lay on ground in 16 F temps with a torch to melt the ice so the tank could drain. Then I threw the HOT VERY HOT torch in my tool box ran back inside to stand by the STOVE (NO HEATER). I hear a huge BOOM the hot torch set my tools on FIRE. :( And my water hose has frozen once, removed put it in the truck under the heater to melt the ice then back on the trailer. :(

    I will add to that list as time goes on. :)

    We did get to name our own road and pick our addresses because we are so far from the closes road. LOL Tennessee is great NO GOVERNMENT involvement in what we build on OUR PROPERTY. NO PERMITS FOR ANYTHING but septic which we will NOT being using (I'm doing the above ground sewage treatment plant). Low gas prices $3.30 to $3.70 per gallon for 93 Octane and the 8 MPG truck in California on $5.25 per gallon gas. Gets 12.5 to 14 MPG pulling trailer on the $3.30 per gallon Tennessee gas. Most of the people here are very nice and very helpful everyone waves says hi, good morning... Some complain about traffic LOLOLOL Yeah I saw 20 cars on the road it's getting crazy! LOL Most of the speed limits are high 55 MPH on tiny back roads. :) I guess the state doesn't make CASH off of tickets and police probably case real criminals.

    We got a Branson 4X4 tractor, backhoe, brush-hog, back box and trailer combo 100% MADE IN AMERICA. :) Then to haul around my chainsaws, generator, fuel, axe, hammer, tools we got a Landmaster 4X4 UTV again 100% MADE IN AMERICA. The Branson is great tons of power, separate rear seat for the backhoe and I love the little Landmaster it pulled the 22 foot trailer with a 5 foot dragbox and 5 foot bush-hog all the way to a small clearing a little over a mile through small trails.

    We got the Branson from these guys:

    And the Landmaster L5 from these guys:

    Landmaster L5 2022 we have the 2021.

    This is a small clearing in the bottom of the property about one mile from the creek/river in the middle of the property.

    Two roads, work shop first LOL, two houses, barn/s, sewage treatment plat, camping above the creek, horse trails, hydro electric 4 X 500 watt running off of the creek. Then when no one is looking HUNTING. :)

    beast-usa/Gary 02-08-22  

    Here are couple more pictures. :)
    This one is what happens to tires on the trailer when you overload the trailer! I think this happened in New Mexico, ran a spare into Texas and replaced all the 6 ply tires with new 10 ply tires.

    Here is a better picture of the Branson 3515 tractor I'm really LOVING this tractor!

    This is the tarp I got to cover the tractor, just the tractor. LOL Turns out the I got the 59 X 96 ft and that's just a little larger then the tractor. So I covered everything, tractor, trailer, removed backhoe.

    The road at the gate about 1 to 2 miles from the property.

    Small video I did this morning. :)

    How to setup batteries, solar panels and wiring.

    Hitch on the chipper now I can pull it behind the Landmaster no more walking it a 1/4 mile
    down the road.


    Long tree 3 chains and a 50 foot cable and it pulled down about six feet behind the tractor!

    In this picture the tractor is in the exact same place but the tree is trimmed and I started cutting it up.
    So you can get an idea of just how long these trees are!

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    I add all the new video's to Tennessee Living Chanel :) dangerous tree cutting, fallen tree's, living on the property, solar, batteries, equipment...