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Hillsong Exposed - The Reptilian False Prophets

The Reptilian Anointing [ Extended Version ] SO many people have been lied to and deceived by people who claim to be be leaders of God's church. Watch this video to see the blasphemy and occult/satanic evidence of what leads people away from Jesus Christ...the WAY, the TRUTH & the LIFE! Find your way to Him before it's too late!!
Posted March 17, 2019 - Filed in Education - #Apostate  #Satanism  #False Prophets  #End Times 
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  • spinny VIP
    this poor people vasting their life for a hysteria and to be hysteric-and never enjoy real happiness and love -how can anyone by partissipating in such feel happy and healthy and good -i have no idea if this people are reptilien -but this one at the end...  more
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