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agafia 70 years alone in the wilderness

Posted by spinny VIP
Posted January 11, 2017 - Filed in Life - #surviving 
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  • Robert Brumley
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    • Robert Brumley
      spinny VIP thats a whole series of vids of this stunning woman-in any case worth to watch and take a look in
    • Robert Brumley
      beast-usa (Admin) This is how I feel living in Norco! LOL
    • Robert Brumley
      beast-usa (Admin) This is great share Spinny thank you!
      Her mum was a real hero! Starving herself to DEATH to save her children! Image any family today doing this no one would survive. Well maybe my brother Rick & his family it's almost how he lives now. But can use his...  more
    • Robert Brumley
      Robert Brumley No running water, no toilets or showers, no phones, no grocery stores, no t.v., no COMPUTER or INTERNET, no soap of any kind, and no TRANSPORTATION plus living alone. I'd rather take cyanide and end it. LOL. Amazing to think a human could live that way....  more
    • Robert Brumley
      spinny VIP and she even helps his old man with one leg to survive and is more then 70!!!! its not so anoying to live so -in italy in the mountains i lived a year like this -in the coldest winter ever with half meter snow- only heating was a 400 year old open...  more
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