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teleportation of DNA

Posted by spinny VIP
Mort en 2004, Jacques Benveniste, chercheur à l'Inserm, fut au centre d'une controverse mondiale avec sa thèse sur la mémoire de l'eau. Appliquant cette théorie à ses propres recherches, le prix Nobel de médecine Luc Montagnier a fait un constat surprenant qui provoquera peut-être une révolution en matière médicale...
Posted February 8, 2017 - Filed in Science & Technology - #WATERMEMORY 
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      spinny VIP vid is english -no worries about the french description-Gary now you only have to figure out how we teleport the cake lolol
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      beast-usa (Admin) Cake should be the first thing they learn to teleport!
      • February 8, 2017
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      beast-usa (Admin) You can turn on Sub-titles in any language "Sub-Titles - Auto - Choose Your Language".
      Works in Slimjet & Chromium not sure about other browsers.
      One day soon computers will translate spoken language to you language.
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      beast-usa (Admin) It's only a 98% match! If they send cake it could be missing the frosting! LOL
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